Awards / Prizes


Deadline for submitting to awards and prizes is March 30 2024


For The Caplan Prize (up to 1000 euros) the abstract must be an anatomo-clinical research of Lymphatic system

For The Papamiltedeides Prize (up to 1000 euros) the abstract must be a physiology or patho-physiology or investigation research of lymphatic system

For The Young Lymphologist Award (oral prize) ( two awards 250 euros each ) the first name of the abstract and the presenter of the abstract must be the younger than 40 years old

For the Best Oral Presentation Award (250 euros).

For the Best Poster Presentation Award (250 euros).

For the Egidio Tosatti Award (250 euros ) : The abstract must be a surgical research of lymphatic disorders.

For the Pierre Bourgeois Award (250 euros) The abstract must be an imaging research of lymphatic disorders.

*The candidate study can be submitted as an abstract. The awards for these submissions will be reviewed by the scientific committee. If an abstract submitted under these prizes will be awarded; the authors will be informed by the scientific team of ESL at least 15-20 days before the congress and authors must send either all their paper or part of the paper before the congress to the Scientific Committee and to the ESL Board. The paper should be original, not published before and the authors need to agree to submit it in the EJLRP. The winning prizes will be announced in the closing ceremony.

Submission Criteria for the Awards/Prizes

Authors have the possibility to select the possibility to be candidate for a prize, from the website of the congress.

All the abstracts must be original, in English and not published in any Journal.

The paper must be submitted to be published in journal of ESL (EJRLP), after the announcement of the prizes.

The certification of prizes will write all the names of all authors of the abstract-paper.